Kyrie Irving discourse has reached new heights following his various stunts last season. As many of you already know, Kyrie was unable to play very much last year because of his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. This led to a lot of issues within the Nets organization, and as many fans remember, the team ended up losing to the Celtics in four games in the first round.

Now, Irving doesn’t have the goodwill he once had. When it comes to media rankings, Kyrie finds himself catching the short end of the stick, and there is this sense that he is no longer an effective player, not because of his skills, but because of his absences.

ESPN Ranks Andrew Wiggins Over Kyrie Irving, NBA Twitter Reacts
Elsa/Getty Images

In fact, ESPN recently ranked Kyrie as the 33rd best player in the entire NBA. This was especially low since Andrew Wiggins was ranked one spot above at 32. This is a ranking that had many NBA fans scratching their heads, while others were actually okay with the ranking given the fact that Kyrie hasn’t even been playing enough games for his team.

In the tweets down below, you can see just how divided fans are on this subject, and reasonably so. Kyrie has yet to show fans that he can be a reliable player, while Wiggins took a huge leap last year. No matter what, it’s hard to really disagree with what ESPN is saying, even if it seems blasphemous on the surface.

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