Fat Joe Reveals How He And Terror Squad Group Almost Got Killed In Connecticut

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Fat Joe
Fat Joe finally tells the story of Terror Squad's nearly fatal run-in during Puerto Rican Parade in Bridgeport, CT.

One of the most elite hip-hop group's of all time was Terror Squad, formed in the late 1990s and lasted until the early 2000s. The group included legendary New York lyricists like Fat Joe, the late Big Pun, Remy Ma, Cuban Link and more.

One of the most notorious stories surrounding Terror Squad, that most of them never really addressed, was their squabble with a mob while in Bridgeport, CT for the Puerto Rican Parade. Fat Joe finally divulged in this tale on a recent Instagram live call, saying that Big Pun was the one who convinced all of them to visit Connecticut for the event, even though he did not end up tagging along.

Fat Joe Reveals How He And Terror Squad Group Almost Got Killed In Connecticut
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"They invited us to perform up there," Fat Joe said. "So we were up there, we were chilling, I ain't gon' lie they treated us like kings. We went over there because of (Big) Pun. Pun was telling us to go because that's his man, and we went up there, Pun didn't come."


Cuban Link, who was known for offering people shots of Hennessey at events and such, offered the wife of the main drug kingpin of the mob a drink. The mna, who was allegedly Frankie "The Terminator" Estrada, famed kingpin around that time, was upset by this, which led to a fight where Cuban Link punched him the face.

"Long story short, the main kingpin's got his wife with him, the Nana, he won't let go of her hand, he's one of the dude's who's madly in love with their girl," Joe said. "He was the nicest guy in the world, treating us good, fancy hotel. The guy accused Cuban (Link) of trying to f**his girl."

After the fight broke ut, Joe said the entire population of the club they had performed at attacked them.

"Now we go from Puerto Rican parade where we just performed, to 5,000 guys in the club jumping us," he said "It's like 10 of us versus 5,000 guys. We had our asses whooped. Listen to me, we got our ass whooped. I don't know how we're alive. We fought, at the very least, 1,000 people, the whole f**king club turned on us. We have the best Terror Squad had to offer, there. We weren't there with p***y guys, we were there with the realest we had. Everywhere you looked we were getting stomped out."

While they all lived to tell the tale, Fat Joe insisted how close of a call it was. Check out him telling the story for one of the first times publicly below.

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