The WWE has removed pro wrestling pioneer Ric Flair from their opening video package amidst recent allegations of sexual misconductThe same ‘woo’ chant that Flair is widely recognized for, was reportedly removed, and replaced with a short clip of The Ultimate Warrior in the opening video.

Flair had recently been the subject of controversy after Vice Studios’ Dark Side of the Ring episode aired shedding light on the infamous ‘Plane Ride From Hell’, where Flair was accused of stripping down to just his robe and strutting his privates throughout the plane.

Ric Flair Removed From WWE's Opening Video Package After Sexual Assault Allegations

Brendon Thorne/Getty Images

Pro wrestler Tommy Dreamer, who was suspended indefinitely by Impact Wrestling following his comments on Vice’s docuseries, specifically described Flair’s gesture, saying, “He’d move his hips and twirl it so his well-endowed penis just spins around like a helicopter. He’s the Nature Boy for a reason. He’s got a hammer on him.”

Flair would continue, eventually exposing himself to then flight attendant Heidi Doyle, who claimed Flair came at her aggressively and forced her to touch him.  

The former pro wrestler has since condemned sexual assault and denied any claims of forcing himself on anyone. In a follow-up statement to Wrestling Inc., Flair was quoted:

“To clarify, the ‘helicopter’ as it was called, is accurate. I wish I could blame it on youth, but it was a case of drinking too much and being inappropriate and I apologize for that (and have countless times over the years).”

“I made some bad decisions during dark periods in my life, and it is something I’ve spent a significant part of years I was given by the doctors in 2017 trying to make right.”

Flair continued, “I condemn sexual assault in any way, shape or form. I could (and have) written books (as have others) that have covered my transgressions. I’ve made some terrible decisions, but I’ve never forced myself on anyone in any way. Period.”

Watch this to get the full story of the ‘Plane Ride From Hell’ below, if you missed it.