Chris Miles Links With Lil Xan For “Miss Me”

Xanarchy is back.

BYThomas Galindo
Chris Miles Links With Lil Xan For “Miss Me”blur mask

Lil Xan has been relatively quiet since his 2018 debut studio album Total Xanarchy. Since then, he has only released a handful of singles and feature verses. 

On Nov. 19, he joined pop-rocker Chris Miles for another guest appearance. "Miss Me" sees their two styles mesh perfectly to craft an angsty bop.

"Miss Me" lasts just under two-and-a-half minutes, as Miles opens the song with his first verse about feeling abandoned by his significant other, but he can't help but play along with her games.

Miles' hook features a soft "Yeah" croon to fit the melodic vibe of the track.

After the hook, Lil Xan comes in to adds to the spiteful atmosphere of the track. While he tries to redeem his significant other for his peace of mind, he can't help but acknowledge her issues.

Both Chris and Xan do a great job of matching their performances with the guitar and rhythmic claps on the instrumental.

Overall, "Miss Me" is an emotional, cathartic song that is also easy to sing along to.

Check out "Miss Me" by Chris Miles and Lil Xan below.

Quotable Lyric
Think of you when I sleep at night
You taste so sweet, you're just my type
Baby you're an angel but you're demons always get to you
Falling down the soul I swear my feelings always showing through


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