Money Man made history this week. The rapper became the first rapper to ever sign a recording contract with a Bitcoin advance. Though it’s stated in his name, the Atlanta rapper will likely set a trend that the music industry with follow with cryptocurrency advances. The rapper received $1M in Bitcoin which will certainly grow into more money down the line.

The rapper’s recent deal made headlines and turned him into a top trending topic on Twitter. So, he followed it up the way any entrepreneurial artist would — drop an album. The rapper dropped Blockchain on Friday which includes an appearance from Jackboy on “No Fema.” With a gentle guitar progression looping behind them, the two reflect on the struggle to provide for their family by any means. Money Man sums it up on the hook when he raps, “Swipin’ just to feed my family/ N***a, no FEMA, but I need relief.”

Check the latest from Money Man below. 

Quotable Lyrics
Prices on your head, I know a n***a who come kill for me
Come drill for me, I’m havin’ way more tools than a mechanic
Tryna take a n***a up and through to get him up off this planet
Every time I think ’bout I far came, I start to get chills
Every time I think ’bout whoop-di-whoop, murder is all I feel