Lil West is a rapper I randomly happened across on Soundcloud, and intrigued, I hit him up. Here we are. I can’t provide too much information on Lil West, except the fact that he’s still in high school, at 17-years old, and he resides in Delaware. 

This new EP, Indigo, was produced entirely by Nodachi, who lives in Florida (thank you internet) — together they handled the mixing and mastering of Indigo. The EP is a mix of dark, Atlanta-like trap vibes, with sprinklings of auto-tuned singing and West’s own gravelly vocals. Nodachi’s production is definitely essential here, highlighting Lil West’s vocal manipulation and flows. 

Let us know what you think of Lil West. Would you like to see more from him on HNHH? 

Hit Lil Western Union, as he’s known on twitter, @King_Blizzar.