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It's been quite awhile since we last came through with an instalment of our artist-breaking series, and a lot has happened since that time. Unbelievable amounts of stuff, really-- our last edition happened in July 2019. 2020 barely had a chance to start, and we were hit with the global pandemic that is COVID-19. While the pandemic is not over, we're now in the midst of an even more important battle, with wide-spread racism and exposing all forms of police brutality. It's heavy, to say the least.

Nonetheless, we're hoping to brighten a few people's day by breaking back our music discovery feature, and showcasing as-of-yet unheard artists for our readers. 

If it's your first time seeing this feature, here's a quick breakdown of how it works.

  • Every week, or every other week, or maybe every three months every 9 months, each of our staff members submit a song from an artist we've never yet (or else, barely ever) posted on HNHH (so get your song into the hands of a staff member, and wow them with your musical prowess) 
  • The song does not need to be new, in fact, most of the time, it's an older record
  • This can include music videos
  • We listen to all the submissions as a team 
  • Eachstaff member votes on their top three favorite submissions out of that week's batch of submissions 
  • We cull the votes, and feature the top 3 on the website, in a nifty little article like this
  • We also always go through user/fan-submitted music as well. We go through all our Soundcloud messages and pick out the best submissions we find to include in our meeting (please send us your most fire submissions, it can be your song or someone else's).
  • When we're in submission-listening-mode, you will know because we send out a tweet like this. See the tweet or IG post, submit a song.

This week, after a long hiatus, the three most-voted artists are all staff-submitted records. Stay tuned for the next instalment, keep an eye on our socials so you can submit your record.

We'd love to find out from the list below you'd like to hear more of on the site - vote at the bottom to tell us!

Artist: Mere Raj *Staff Submission*

Song: "DND"

Location: Charleston, South Carolina

Sounds: Don Toliver meets Bryson Tiller meets R&B

Discover more music: Mere Raj's Soundcloud

Posted before: No 

Artist: Nasaan *Staff Submission*

Song: "Ben/Frank"

Location: Detroit

Sounds: Cold story-telling

Discover more music: Nasaan's Soundcloud

Posted before: Yes

Artist: Chris Elite *Staff Submission*

Song: "Draco" feat. 22gz

Location: Brooklyn, New York

Sounds: New York drill, a la Sheff G

Discover more music: Chris Elite's Soundcloud

Posted before: No