Thanks to the ESPN documentary “The Last Dance,” a whole generation of basketball players are now being made privy to the incredible talents of none other than Michael Jordan. Of course, most adults see Jordan as the greatest player of all time, however, many young stars never got to see MJ play. This doc allowed the young ones to finally get a glimpse at just how amazing MJ truly was throughout his numerous championship runs.

One of the players who was convinced of MJ’s greatness was none other than Ja Morant. In a recent interview with Taylor Rooks, Morant admitted that he didn’t know much about Jordan although the documentary made him realize that he is the true GOAT. As Morant explained, he used to think it was LeBron but now his mind has been successfully changed.

“I haven’t seen Jordan play in person other than highlights. You know, ‘The Last Dance’ actually gave me an opportunity to see how [Jordan] actually was, how he played, his mindset. … I think he’s the GOAT,” Morant said.

It’s pretty impressive to see someone so young allow their mind to be changed like that. In today’s day and age, most people are pretty stubborn to their beliefs but Morant allowed himself to receive new information and adjust accordingly.

Perhaps others were swayed by “The Last Dance” as well.