Polo G Raps While The Ukelele Gently Weeps

Ahead of his upcoming album, Polo G comes through with a raw performance over some passionate string-work from Einer Banks.

BYMitch Findlay
Polo G Raps While The Ukelele Gently Weeps

With a vast class of rising rap names to choose from, it's becoming slightly overwhelming for listeners to keep track. Yet Chicago rapper Polo G, thanks in large part to his strong catalog of essential songs, has managed to separate himself from the pack off the strength of his talent. With his upcoming album The Goat (bold though the title may be) set to arrive this Friday, Polo G has been moving to put his songwriting on full display.

Polo G Raps While The Ukelele Gently Weeps

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Case in point, the melodic lyricist linked up with none other than Einer Banks, the hip-hop ukelele player. Known for lacing artists with a stripped-down, acoustic variant of their chosen instrumental, Banks has quite possibly outdone himself with this latest clip. As Banks provides a melancholic chord progression replete with hammer-ons and pull-offs, Polo G sets a vivid scene. "Bitch I'm from Chiraq when it get hot they bring them tecs out, better watch your back or you'll be on the corner stretched out," he raps. "Quick to change a n***a standing tall with his chest out."

There's something refreshing about hearing Polo G over nothing but a ukelele, as it puts the spotlight exclusively on his emotional vocal performance. It's clear he's already operating at a high level, and it's likely that this upcoming album will only cement him further as one of the game's most promising young talents. Check out the intimate rendition below, and sound off -- is this the best Einer Banks cover yet?

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