Steve Nash was an absolute terror in his prime and is considered to be one of the best shooters ever. The two-time NBA MVP is a Canadian treasure who absolutely tore it up on the court on any given day. Whether it be through three-pointers or long-range twos, Nash was always giving his opponents buckets. On any given day, he could work his way right through another team and demoralize them. While playing with the Phoenix Suns, Nash almost led them to glory but some questionable officiating seemed to always hurt their chances.

Nash has been out of the league for a while not but that doesn’t mean he still doesn’t have the juice. Nash recently hit up a local basketball court where there were some people playing pick up. Nash had on a full suit and tie and decided to give each and every person there some buckets. Considering Nash’s attire, the clip is pretty incredible.

If there is one specific lesson to be learned here, it’s that you don’t always need athletic gear to drop some dimes. All you need is an MVP-caliber shot and the power of Canada behind you. With moves like this, one could just imagine what what would happen if he decided to come out of retirement.