Drake is one of the biggest sneaker enthusiasts in the rap game and thanks to his deals with Nike and Jordan Brand, he has been able to show off some of the best shoes the sneaker world has to offer. Drake even has a few of his very own collabs with Jordan Brand so he is no stranger to working closely with Jumpman. It’s clear that the swoosh is a big fan of Drake’s work and the feeling is mutual.

Today, Drake flexed his love of Nike even more by going to his Instagram story and showing off the Nike Air Max 97 “Holy Water.” The shoe is incredibly limited and goes for $3000 while also boasting literal Holy Water from the River Jordan. 


These sneakers also have a crucifix on them which makes them even holier than the water would lead you to believe. For context, the shoe was created by a company in Brooklyn called MSCHF and originally sold for $1425. After selling out almost instantly, they are now going for double the price on the resale market which is quite the price to pay to be Holy.

We’re sure Drake is going to cherish these for a long time. If you wear these, you better not commit a sin in them or else it could get tricky for you.