Every few years, there seems to be a bit of a change in the look of the NBA as older players retire and newer players come in. This creates brand new storylines and helps generate intrigue amongst hardcore and casual fans alike. As LeBron James gets older, some are wondering who will replace him as the best player in the league and there is no one better to take that throne than his own son, Bronny James Jr. Those are some pretty loft expectations that pretty well no one has put on him just yet, although it’s still fun to fantasize about what that would look like. Bronny is a great talent in his own right and has tried to prove himself at every turn.

According to TMZ, Bronny got to show off his dunking skills in the driveway of his own home last night while playing with Shaq’s sons, Shareef and Shaqir O’Neal. The three were getting some pretty epic dunks off and LeBron was there to film the whole thing and post it on his Instagram story.

The star power here is pretty insane especially when you think about how they could all end up in the NBA someday. This video has the potential to be some sneaky foreshadowing of what the NBA could be in for over the next couple of years.

It’s only fitting that the sons of some of the all-time greats are picking up the basketball mantle.