We previously reported on the formulation of deepfakes, the imaging techniques which allows for images to appear as though they are talking. The latter is generated from a single photo and can be designed to appear as a seemingly realistic video when coupled with the right audio. The aforementioned technology was tested on the famous Mona Lisa painting wherein she appeared to laugh and talk. Ever since its conception, deepfakes have garnered both interest and worry. Worrying concerns stem from the fear that ill-intentioned tech wiz may be able to use the technology to interfere with politics or worldly affairs by mimicking a trusting public figure. Though for now, it seems deepfakes are only used for amusing purposes. As such, Jon Snow, a Game of Thrones character played by Kit Harrington, was the recent victim of the modern imaging technology. Reports by Page Six indicated that a video had been made which showed Kit Harrington apologizing to fans who were disappointed by the series’ final season.

Herein, we can hear and see Jon Snow speaking in a video that appears to be pretty credible. He criticizes the season in a comical manner and apologizes to fans for the numerous loopholes. Watch the video above. Do you think deepfakes should be a concern? Or will they always be used in as comedic relief?