Blac Youngsta has been getting ready to drop off a new project before the end of the year. Before releasing the album, he’s been flooding the streets with a new song and video each week and much of it has been quite introspective. None of them have really revolved around booty like many of us had hoped for but he’s still putting in work. The rapper came through with his new single, “24 Hours” this week which essentially details what happens in a full day. While some are living life carefree, Blac Youngsta details the everyday struggles of the people in his hood.

“24 Hours” marks episode seven in his weekly series. The rapper’s gearing up to drop off Church On Sundays in the near future. He’s yet to announce a release date but hopefully, that comes soon.

Quotable Lyrics
How much time I got to live? I got seven hours
I ain’t gon’ hit the block, fuck it, I ain’t wastin’ my time
I’mma spend two hours with my brothers, choppin’ it up ’cause they my kind
I’mma spend a whole hour with my whole family, I know they want to experience that
I done spent 1.5 of my car, know they scared to insurance that