Tee Grizzley’s fresh off of the release of his latest album, Scriptures, his fifth album since 2017. The rapper’s been steadily showcasing that he’s one of the best rappers of this new generation and Scriptures just solidified it. The rapper teamed up with producer Timbaland for the project who cooked up the majority of the beats on Scriptures. “Had To” is one of the many highlights of the project with Tee Grizzley showcasing his storytelling abilities. Throughout the track, the rapper details the good and the bad he’s done in an unapologetic manner, almost like his own conscience is talking to him.

“Those beats just motivated me, you know what I’m saying?” He told HNHH about the process behind the song. “I wanted to do the best I could because of the beats. It’s not like I could instantly come up with something. I really had to sit down and think and try to really rap.”

Quotable Lyrics
You done met this bitch kids and you know that she in love
You tell her, she like “She stuck”
But you know that everything gon’ change after you fuck?
But you couldn’t reveal your true intentions
She ain’t the type of bitch that just let a n***a hit her
But fuck that, I got to