Nik Stauskas started this season with the Portland Trail Blazers. This week though, with the trade deadline looming, the Canadian basketball player has been traded three times. The first deal saw him go to the Cleveland Cavaliers where the player could have had the opportunity to have a fresh start. Before Stauskas could even get acclimated, he was dealt to the Houston Rockets along with Wade Baldwin. Just hours after the Rockets deal, both Stauskas and Baldwin are on their way to Indiana, according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski.

As reported by Woj, the Rockets are giving the Pacers a draft pick just to take Stauskas and Baldwin off of their hands. While Stauskas and Baldwin are going to a new place, they probably won’t have to report to the Pacers as they are expected to be waived right away. 

Stauskas has averaged 6.1 points per game and has been a bench player all season. Meanwhile, Baldwin is averaging only six minutes a night and barely hits two points per game. 

Trades have been breaking all day with the deadline coming up at 3 P.M. EST. The deal everyone is looking for, involving Anthony Davis, has yet to happen and is looking more and more unlikely, but we’ll keep you updated.