Last Saturday marked the 15th anniversary of hip hop legend Big L’s untimely death. The Harlem rapper helped propel the strong New York hip hop movement in the nineties, and collaborated with dozens of artists including a young Jay-Z, Tupac, Fat Joe.

Today we decided to make our throwback record his lethal collaboration with Pac, "Deadly Combination", but we're taking things one step further with a list of some of his best lines. Big L was a lyrical MC if there ever was one, while remaining a street-oriented rapper, making for quite the combination. He only has two albums to his name though, one which was released after his death in 1999, so his catalogue is not the most prolific. Nonetheless his bars abound, but we've kept this list to just 15 lines, including classic ish like "I wasn't poor, I was po' - I couldn't afford the 'o-r'"

Check out some of his best lines, in his honor, and share your personal favorites in the comment section.