To get you caught up, Game and 40 Glocc have had beef stemming back several years, and after a pool party this weekend, which they both attended, the two got into an “altercation” ("altercation" is a euphemism for when two people have words, or exchange shoves, this was a legit fight).  Unless you ask 40 Glocc, who insists he was jumped by Game and his gun-brandishing boys.   Afterwards, Game created a website and posted video footage of him fighting 40 Glocc, while recording it on his iPhone. Since the scrap the two have been very active on twitter, often throwing direct insults at each other.   Here is this week’s Special Edition of 140 Bars Or Less: Game v. 40 Glocc

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The tweets start up post-fight, first with 40 Glocc saying that he was jumped, and then throwing in some “LOL”s for good measure to show he’s unfazed. Usually, using “LOL” is never gangsta, but in this context – laughing off taking a ‘beating’- it just might be.

Game responds simply in his best Howard Kosell voice...

40 Glocc posts a picture of himself looking dapper after the “altercation”.

Continuing with the impressions, now Game drops his Chief Keef voice.

40 Glocc starts pleading his case that what you don’t see is he was jumped by a group of dudes who had guns. Game respectfully disagrees...

Game isn’t hearing that, and starts in on the jokes, and now drops his Future voice...

Woah, Game not only releases video footage of the fight, but creates a URL to host it.

40 Glocc says the video is leaving out some critical pieces, and continues stating his case that he was jumped by a bunch of guys with guns.

Game has more jokes, and 40 Glocc responds with a Yo Mamma joke, and follows with an awfully aggressive Yo Father joke.

Proving that the skirmish really didn’t bother him, 40 Glocc’s right back to business.

With Game releasing more footage, and the two weighing in on the fight in interviews, this certainly isn’t the last we’ll hear from these two.