We’re in the midst of quite a blessed Friday. The amount of quality new music is near-astounding– keyword being quality. We could have very well received a wealth of new or buzzed about projects that failed to meet expectations or were just plain boring, but that is not the case today. While we’re only going off early/initial listens, it still stands to reason– Takeoff killed it. Metro killed it. Vince killed itMoneybagg killed it (!!). Don’t sleep on Moneybagg. The Memphis rapper is one of the most consistently-dope artists out right now (wait for an entire thinkpiece on that, I swear), and yet he doesn’t get recognized for it, or even enter the mainstream rap realm of discussion very often. 

RESET, his latest release, is a strong follow-up to his Bet On Me EP that dropped just a couple of months ago — only we get even more songs, and a different set of collaborators. It’s the same type of intensity and trap-like crooning. Apart from the obvious “you’ll-wanna-hear-song” that features J. Cole (“Say Na”), you should also be checking for “Midnight Patek” and, this here, a guitar-driven collaboration with fellow emotional trapper, Kevin Gates, and producer Rvssian.

“Fall Down” will undoubtedly grace strip clubs across the country shortly. It’s a sad girl twerk anthem, if you will. 

What’s your favourite song off Moneybagg’s RESET?

Quotable Lyrics

Ask her does she like workin’ out?
She does some audio’s
One, two, three, from the back we doin’ cardio (For real)
Part of my bluntness, part of my lingo
Like bein’ private, don’t do people
Don’t compare me to your old boyfriend
Really retarded, we are not equal

– Kevin Gates