Chris Bosh has not played in the NBA for two years. The talented big man, who has a career average of 19.2 points per game and 8.5 rebounds, was sidelined after a blood clot was discovered in his lung. Although he did recover from that incident, another blood clot was discovered in his calf, which has kept him from playing professionally since 2016. According to Sporting NewsBosh may be eyeing a return to the NBA, and linking up with his buddy LeBron James is the goal. 

A source told SN that Bosh could petition the league, which has sidelined him with a “fitness to play” clause that stops athletes from playing in games while they have life-threatening injuries. People who deal with blood clots are often given blood-thinning medication, which is dangerous for athletes to take regularly.  Bosh could argue that advances in blood-thinning medication make him less likely to have any on-court problems though, and he’s adamant about returning to the league. If he did return, Bosh could sign a veteran’s minimum contract with the Lakers, reuniting him with LeBron. James’ move to Los Angeles has increased player interest in playing for the City of Angels, so expect a wild offseason.