YBN Nahmir is one of the hottest young emcees in the game right now. He's yet to even release a full project but he's already looking like the next up in the rap game. It's only been a few months since he's dropped "Rubbin' Off The Paint" but he's built an incredible fan base and he's set to open up for G-Eazy, Lil Uzi Vert and Ty Dolla $ign on their "Endless Summer" tour in the coming months. With a line up like that, he's bound to have some crazy fans stories. However, he recently spoke on the craziest experience he's ever had with a fan and it has to do with a gun.

YBN Nahmir recently spoke to XXL about his craziest fan experience. The rapper revealed that a fan had approached him and asked him to sign his gun and even brought a pen with him. "A fan had walked up to me—this n*gga asked me to sign his gun," Nahmir said. "Right in front of Party City, cameras everywhere." The fan apparently was prepared for the moment with a pen in hand already.

He explained that this occurred in Arizona around the time that "Rubbin Off The Paint" took place. He was still fresh to the game but he didn't hesitate to sign that fan's strap.

"Hell yeah, I'm signing!" he said. "'N*gga, I got you! Went straight back to the hotel, I was in that hoe dying. He really made me sign a gun."

YBN Nahmir recently released his single "Bread Winners" alongside YBN Almighty Jay last week and prior to that, he connected with G-Eazy and Yo Gotti on "1942."