XXXTENATION's 2018 passing has always left a sour taste in all hip-hop fans' mouths, for several different reasons. Whether it be the way his posthumous music releases have been handled or how his name is used for clout, fans just want his name to respected.

But, one thing we can all agree with is that Gekyume is to be protected at all costs. On Sunday (Nov. 21), X's toddler son visited his burial site.

Gekyume is growing up pretty quickly, as he turned two years old this past January. The same month, X's mom Cleo posted a video of Gek seeing a photo of his dad and yelling out "Papa!"

So, although XXXTENTACION never got to met his only child since he died before he was born, it's heartwarming to see Gekyume knows about his father and can recognize him, especially at such a young age.

He actually looks a lot like his father, as side-by-side pictures of them as babies revealed their similarities as infants

Gekyume was involved in a bit of drama when he was a baby as his mother and ex-girlfriend of X Jenesis Sanchez had to fight a custody battle in late 2019 and early 20202 with Cleo to determine who could be able to care for him. It was quickly resolved internally, and it has since seemed like they both get adequate Gekyume time.

Gek deserves to grow up in a healthy environment, and will soon turn the page to age three.

Check out the photo of Gekyume visiting his father XXXTENTACION's burial site below.