Shady Records latest signee Westside Gunn stopped by for an interview with Ebro, and the pair spoke at length about Gunn's come-up. It's evident from the jump that Gunn has a clear sense of business acumen, and the rapper reveals that he was always more comfortable managing artists than being one. He likens himself to a player's coach, who can rap, but knows the company he keeps [a clear reference to his brother Conway] are superior. And he's okay with that.

Gunn also talks about how a meeting with Paul Rosenberg led to an eventual meeting with Paul's business partner, and Conway can't help but flash a golden grin. "Of course that partner was Marshall," he says, barely able to contain his glee. And why wouldn't he be, having signed with one of the biggest artists in the world?

Over the course of the thirty-plus minute interview, Gunn talks about getting love in his hometown of Buffalo, Hitler On Steroids, and more. Eventually Conway stops in for a quick chat, and the conversation goes full film-school mode over a shared love of Rob Zombie flicks. 

Check out the full interview below.