Listen to a new single from Beyonce collaborator and Roc Nation signee Boots. The track, "C.U.R.E.," is different than any of his work with Beyonce, or with Run the Jewels, though the grimy beat could've come from El-P.
    After showing up on the show-stopping "Early" from Run the Jewels' game-halting new album RTJ2 a few weeks ago, singer/songwriter/Beyoncé collaborator Boots has dropped a new track on his SoundCloud.
    Boots first appeared on our radar with the release of his music back in April, the first cut we came across was "My Heart Is A Stone Today (Unharmed)." Following in the footsteps of The Weeknd, Boots has kept a purposefully low profile, although he seems to b
    Boots popped up earlier today with a new release "A Day In The Life Of Jordan Asher", which followed up our introduction to the singer "My Heart Is A Stone Today." As it turns out, there's another record from Boots circulating the internet today and it happens
    We introduced you to Boots quite recently, when he let go the track "My Heart Is A Stone Today (Unharmed)" for download. The singer/songwriter/producer is signed to Roc Nation, and is responsible for a lot of what went down on Beyonce's Beyonce album.
    Boots is a mysterious signee of Roc Nation, who is almost single-handedly responsible for much of Beyonce's high-selling self-titled album (Pharrell, The-Dream etc all had a hand too, but Boots is credited as a writer and producer for basically every song off