Suge Knight was, at one point, one of the most feared men in the entertainment industry. He nearly portrayed the image of a rap Don who hardly thought twice before getting physical with anyone who disagreed with him. Of course, he's currently behind bars on murder charges but during his tenure at the top of hip-hop, he was a larger-than-life figure who can strongarm his way into any situation. And while he was feared by many, it appears there were a few individuals that he tried to avoid, as well.

Now, we've all heard the stories about Charles Oakley over the years, and apparently, so did Suge. During a recent interview on FOX SOUL's Choppin It Up With Oakley, Scottie Pippen sat down alongside Oakley where they discussed their time playing together in the league. Towards the end of the episode, co-host, and chef Sasha Delvalle inquired about Oakley's "little altercation, with somebody real big that everyone is afraid of, in Miami." 

Jonathan Daniel / Stringer/Getty Images

That somebody happened to be Suge Knight. Pippen recounted the time he and Oakley were at a party together in Miami when Suge Knight entered the function. "I look up. I'm seeing all these people. Probably 3,4 feet from me," Pippen said. "They gettin' pushed around, knocked around. Me and Oak standing there, you know, we both of stature so we could see everything. People could see us."

While Pippen observed the number of people getting pushed around at the party, he saw Oakley lock eyes with Suge. "Oak turn around and look and he's like, 'Man, that's Suge Knight. He don't want none of this here smoke. I just had beef with him the other night," Pippen continued, revealing that Oakley's point was proven by Suge's distance from their section.

"It was like a storm going on over there. Wasn't nobody moving where we were standing and I'm like, 'Wow.' And it was basically Suge Knight walked around Oakley like that," he said, mapping out the movements with his index finger on the table. "That's what I saw."

Oakley added, "Sometimes, you don't gotta repeat nothin' when somebody tell you the truth. It is what it is."

Check out the full episode below. The bit on Suge Knight begins around the 22-min mark.