With the anticipated GOOD Music compilation album Cruel Summer less than a month away, the public still knows few details about the project, but Pusha T says the same goes for him.   Pusha says that’s just how Kanye operates (from Billboard), "I'm in the dark just as much as you guys.  Nothing is conventional with these guys. It's to the point now, and it's so bad, because [West]'s been so unconventional… that people won't even accept conventional shit from him. I know we're not gonna start now."

While uncertain about release/tour dates, Pusha is certain about the high quality music on the compilation.  In typical Kanye fashion, the album pushed the envelope, and tried to put some of the GOOD Music emcees out of their comfort zone.  "I felt like nothing was forced -- things were experimental at times, and I think you're gonna see that," Pusha adds, "[Y]ou're gonna see the experimentation in guys like Common, who is looked at in a certain way.”

In addition to Cruel Summer’s imminent release, the Clipse rapper is readying for his solo effort, which is still untitled, to drop soon.  The album is finished, but Pusha still wants to fine-tune it, "[N]ow I'm about to take it apart, in terms of what lines are strong or not strong.”

Staying vague, the rapper mentions that he has a release date, but nothing is concrete, “"I have a release date in my mind that everyone knows within the label, and we're just trying to reach that.”  The sound of the album seems to be true to his days with The Clipse, “"It's cinematic in the sense that I wanted to make a dark album.”

Anticipation is high for both projects.  Check out Pusha with Kanye on “New God Flow” from the upcoming Cruel Summer compilation LP.