Kyrie Irving is perhaps one of the most heavily scrutinized players in all of basketball and it all stems from his demeanor and alleged mood swings. It seems like Irving is always being called out for the way he closes himself off to teammates and the front offices of the teams he plays for. There have already been rumblings that he isn't fitting in well with the Brooklyn Nets and now that he's injured, they have started winning again.

Despite all of these critiques, it appears as though his Nets teammates like him a lot. In a report from Michael Scotto of Bleacher Report, players like Spencer Dinwiddie and Jarret Allen were complimentary of Irving and said he's a great teammate who is easy to get along with. 

“You understand now some of the things and some of the burdens that come with being a guy as high profile as Kyrie,” Dinwiddie said. “Sometimes people are going to say things that aren’t completely accurate or maybe somebody had that opinion, but the rest of the team doesn’t have that opinion. If somebody on the peripheral has that opinion about it, but we don’t, then that opinion doesn’t necessarily matter because his teammates and brothers don’t feel that way about him.”

Al Bello/Getty Images

Allen echoed similar sentiments as he explained how Irving has been great with the team so far and his personality continues to shine through.

“[He’s an] amazing teammate,” Jarret Allen said. “Great guy. He’s a funny guy. He meshes well with everyone on the team. He’s just an amazing guy to be around. He makes it easy to play with someone like himself.”

Irving is in the first year of his longterm contract with the Nets so there is still plenty of time to build up trust and chemistry. Hopefully, everyone involved can figure this out before it spirals out of control.