Juicy J is a legend, and his work with Three 6 Mafia goes appreciated by any self-respecting hip-hop head. Though the group has long splintered, J has continuously produced solid music well into his OG status. Yet that didn't stop the legend from looking to the past during a recent stop on Hot 97, where he and Ebro proceeded to wax poetic on the simple glories of "Slob On My Knob." J himself understands the mass appeal, dubbing the "legendary. "I wrote it when I was in 11th grade," he admits, which might explain the primal sense of teenage appeal. 

"I started DJing this club in South Memphis," he says. "I played the song one time and the next week  I came back the next Sunday... Everybody that was walking in the club was like 'Yo, Juicy man. Play that song you played last week.' And I was like what song? They was like 'Slob on Knob.' I was like 'You like that stupid song?' I had to play it like 6 to 7 times the whole night. They kept coming to the DJ booth. Every time I played it the club went crazy." 

In fact, "Slob On My Knob" played a pivotal role in bringing him and Mac Miller together, as J reveals it was Mac's favorite song. He remembers a seventeen-year-old Mac requesting a live rendition of "Slob on Knob," which led Juicy to host him an eighteenth birthday bash at the studio. Sadly, it seems like Mac's loss has taken a toll on Juicy. "Last time I saw him we were in the studio last year," says J. "We made a great song and you know, it's messed up. I miss him. When I was at the [Celebration Of Life concert] I felt weird when I went on that stage. It felt like I was at a funeral. I'm rapping at a concert and one of my best friends has passed away. It was tough."

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