Jeffrey Jordan - son of NBA legend Michael Jordan - was in the news yesterday as TMZ revealed that Jeffrey had been brought to the hospital after hitting his head in an incident at a bar in Scottsdale, Arizona. After hitting his head, Jordan was disoriented and began to get unruly with those around him. The cops were called to the scene and from there, he was brought to the hospital so that his injuries could be taken care of.

While at the hospital, things allegedly got worse as he was belligerent with the staff onsite. Jordan was kept in the hospital overnight and a police report was eventually filed. At the time, it was unclear as to whether or not Jordan would be arrested, although now, that question has been answered. 

Jeffrey jordan

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Per TMZ, Jordan was booked at the Scottsdale City Jail where he had his mugshot taken. The booking was for one count of aggravated assault, however, he was quickly released from jail and is now back to regular life. It remains to be seen what will happen following this incident, although we're sure MJ had something to say about it all.

Stay tuned to HNHH as we will make sure to bring you any updates on this developing story.

Jeffrey Jordan

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images