James Harden is the man of the hour in the NBA right now thanks to a blockbuster deal that was conducted yesterday. Now, James Harden is a member of the Brooklyn Nets, which means he will be on a superteam with the likes of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. These three are expected to tear up the Eastern Conference, as long as Irving actually comes back to the team following his prolonged absence.

Harden's motivation levels were at an all-time low during his first few games with the Rockets this season although now, it appears as though he is recharged and ready to go with his new team. According to The Athletic, Nets GM Sean Marks already spoke to Harden, who had a very simple message going forward.

James Harden

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Per The Athletic:

“When you have the opportunity to add James Harden to your roster, you do everything you can to make that happen,” Marks said. When asked about his conversation with Harden he noted, “All I heard from James is, ‘I want to win.'”

The Nets have a promising future with Harden and Durant reunited on the court. However, the Irving situation remains one to watch and if Kyrie doesn't return to the team soon, then the Nets could be up to their head in drama, for weeks and months to come.

James Hardn

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