If you're a sneakerhead who is obsessed with copping shoes then Foot Locker is probably one of your favorite stores out there. Whenever you walk in there, the walls are lined with shoes and it makes the shopping experience that much more fun. Well, Foot Locker wants to improve the way people cop sneakers and they are partnering with Nike to do so.

Foot Locker is opening a brand new store in Washington Heights and they have teamed up with Nike for a brand new immersive experience. Essentially, the store will incorporate elements of the Nike app which in the end, caters to Nike Plus users. For instance, there will be an Unlock Box and Shoecase which helps consumers get their hands on some releases early. For instance, the Shoecase asks you to use the Nike App to swipe a code and download a ticket. If your ticket wins, you can present it to a clerk and claim your prize. Meanwhile, the Unlock Box gives people the chance to get certain goods for free.

Image via Foot Locker

"The launch of the Washington Heights Community Power Store serves as an opportunity for us to enhance the in-store customer experience by working in tandem with one of our strongest partners, Nike," Frank Bracken, VP General Manager of Foot Locker said. "We're focused on creating immersive brand connections that are authentically tied to the neighborhoods we serve. By partnering with Nike, we're able to offer our customers a seamless and friction-less retail experience that will serve and engage the Washington Heights community beyond traditional brick and mortar capabilities."

If you're ever in the Washington Heights area, you'll certainly want to check this store out and experience the new way of shopping, for yourself.



Image via Foot Locker