In a 2016 that will give us Kanye West's SWISH and Drake's Views From the 6, one of the most anticipated projects of year is Chance the Rapper's third mixtape and follow up to his celebrated Acid Rap, which he released almost three years ago. Chance has built hype for the project with the first two singles - "Angels" feat. Saba and "Somewhere in Paradise" feat. Jeremih.

Last night, Chance teased a new song from the mixtape on Snapchat. The two clips are only 9 seconds each, plenty of time to preview a track that features the sort of feel-good Chicago gospel- & soul-influenced sound we've come to expect from Chance.

“If one more label try to stop me, It’s gon’ be some dread head niggas in ya lobby."

Check out the clips below. Thoughts?