If you saw Cam'ron's birthday debauchery, then you probably noticed the cape. Cam'ron's birthday party was filled with strippers and capes, and while you may not have been expecting to see a cape, Killa Cam is about to make sure you'll be seeing capes for a long time to come.

Cam'ron mentioned in an interview last year that the next big trend he'd be starting would be capes, and true to his word, he's on track to releases his very own line of capes, with assistance from fashion designer Mark McNairy. This is, after all, the gangsta who was able to rock pink and purple fur. We have no qualms that he can make capes happen, should he so desire. What do you guys think though? Will capes be the next big thing for rappers everywhere?

Killa shared a photo on his Instagram of a brainstorming session with McNairy as they lay out the plans for their cape line. He used the hashtags, "#HateNowCapeLater #TrendSetter#NiggaWeMadeIt #BdayMonthLitt."

Check the image in the gallery above as well as recent images of Cam'ron in a cape (he busted one recently while performing with 2 Chainz in NYC). Let us know your stance on capes in the comment section.