• Skeme Releases Trailer For "Ingleworld 2"
    Inglewood's Skeme took to Instagram to release a trailer for his upcoming project, Ingleworld 2. The trailer features clips of Skeme in the studio, while multiple tracks play in the background. Originally scheduled to release a double disc Gangsta Grillz mixtape project, Play Dirty, Stay Dirty, the So Cal spitter has instead opted to release a follow up to his December 2013 released...
  • Mannie Fresh & Rick Ross Scheduled As 2015 BMI "How I Wrote That Song" Panelists
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    Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) will be hosting their annual "How I Wrote That Song" panel Saturday, February 7th, 11:30 AM at 1Oak (9039 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, Calif.) in Los Angeles.  The 2015 panelists included Rick Ross, Mannie Fresh, Grammy nominated songwriter Ester Dean, Grammy award winning song writer and producer David Hodges, and country music's Natalie Hembly.  Per BMI's...
  • A Documentary On Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" Is In The Works
    Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx is a certified classic, depending who you're talking to, it could be viewed as the greatest Wu-Tang solo project (though it's almost cheating considering Ghostface is on nearly every track). It also gained the rare honor of a legitimately great sequel, with 2009's OB4CL2, but as the 20th anniversary approaches this year, Rae has one more surprise for fans of...
  • Top 10 Gangsta Grillz Mixtapes
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    Born and raised in Philly, DJ Drama has made a name for himself in the hip hop game over the years. While his career set sail after becoming the official DJ for T.I., he has played a crucial role in the onset of mixtapes in the rap world. The Golden Mixtape Era, which started about ten years ago, is now stronger than ever. During a time when the FBI and ICE were raiding mixtape...
  • Someone Tried To Sell Chris Brown's Jail ID For $10,000
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    Earlier this week, a jail ID of Chris Brown's apparently popped up online with a hefty price tag. It wasn't the price that caught Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos' attention, but the fact that the photo identification had somehow made its way out of police custody, where it belonged. According to TMZ, the ID came from San Bernardino County Jail, a facility which Chris did not actually spend...
  • Kid Cudi Talks Playing A Gay Character In "James White", Cut Kissing Scenes
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    While Cudi has seemingly been keeping a low profile from a public standpoint, it turns out he's been working hard on both acting and music in over the last year. While we heard news that he just wrapped filming a new movie with Zoe Kravitz last week, the Man On The Moon had a premiere at Sundance just this weekend, acting in and providing the score for Josh Mond's "James White". Cudi's role...
  • Top-5 Back Court Duos In The NBA
    Most teams in the league are right around the 41-game mark, which means the 2014-15 NBA season is already at it's halfway point. As such, it's as good a time as any to reflect on what we've seen so far both from an individual and team standpoint. In particular, we're talking about the best point guard/shooting guard combinations in the league to date.  While guys like Russell Westbrook and...
  • A$AP Rocky Speaks On A$AP Yams' Death
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    If you've followed A$AP Rocky's career, you know A$AP Yams has always loomed over it. From creative decisions, to promotion, to production choices, Yams was always around. The two were also good friends, or "brothers" as Rocky described their relationship in a recent Instagram post, so it was clear that the rapper would be deeply affected by Yams' sudden passing. Billboard caught up with Flacko,...
  • Charts Don’t Lie: January 25
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    This week proved to be a big one for hip-hop music, with Joey Bada$$ and Lupe Fiasco dropping their respective albums on the same day (January 20th), not to mention, free projects from Trinidad James, Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti and K Camp. While the latter projects won't be charting on the Billboard 200, both Joey and Lupe are expected to impact shortly. This past week we learned the expected first week...
  • Kanye West Accepts Visionary Award At 2015 BET Honors, Introduced By Dame Dash
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    The BET Honors awards are filmed over a month in advance, and now with the instantaneous nature of Twitter and Instagram, it's hard to keep the winners under wraps for more than a matter of seconds. Thanks to social media, we already know quite a bit about Kanye West receiving the Visionary award, which like everything Kanye does, seemed to be a pretty memorable moment. First off, it was Dame...
  • Listen To Rihanna, Kanye West & Paul McCartney's New Song, "FourFiveSeconds"
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    We've been hearing about this record for a minute now, and Rihanna has decided to drop it out of the blue on her website today. For now, you'll have to head there to listen to the acoustic guitar-led record. Early reports suggested that the song would land on the Kanye record, but the fact that it showed up on RiRi's site rather than Ye's suggested it may have jumped ship to R8.The song is...
  • Flavor Flav Indicted On Four Driving Charges [Update: Flav Pleads Not Guilty]
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    Almost a year ago, Flavor Flav was pulled over on his way to his mother's funeral. He was speeding and driving without a license, which resulted in him getting slapped with both a felony charge and a traffic violation, as well as two misdemeanors for aggravated unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle. He initially plead not guilty and was released on bail, but apparently failed to show up to...
  • Nipsey Hussle Reportedly Sold 60 Copies Of His $1000 Mixtape, "Mailbox Money"
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    Nipsey Hussle, we have to hand it to you, you're a marketing genius. After the L.A. rapper announced that he'd be selling physical copies of his December mixtape Mailbox Money (which was available for free in digital form) for $1000, Hussle claims that he's sold 60 copies as of last Tuesday.  Speaking to The Guardian, Hussle said, “It surprises me, as much as I...
  • Jay Z Calls New York Governor's Police Reform Plan "A Huge Step Forward"
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    As New York state governor Andrew Cuomo called upon Jay Z and Russell Simmons to consult him on matters related to the criminal justice system last month, he's probably pleased to hear that Jay has come out in support of his reform plan. Among the changes proposed by Cuomo are recruiting more minority officers, funding body cameras and bulletproof vests and forming a statewide...
  • 28 Grams: Hip-Hop Instagram Recap (Jan. 24)
    Have you ever scrolled through Instagram and instantly bursted into uncontrollable laughter? Raised your eyebrow? Scratched your head? Instantly smiled? Thought, "Damn. That's dope."?  Stared at your phone? Did an instant repost? HNHH is sure you've answered yes to at least one of those questions.  Because so many people are out in the streets flexin' and doing it for the gram, hip hop...
  • Stream Cee-Lo Green's New Project, "TV On The Radio"
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    Other than a disastrous situation involving a possible date rape last year, Cee-Lo Green hasn't really popped up with news or new music in a while. That changed earlier this week, when he dropped off a nine track project with very little (if any) fanfare. It's called TV On The Radio, and while it's not a collaboration with one of the best indie bands on the planet, it is still very...
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