About Skeme

From rocking to the Rhythm and Blues at the behest of his grandparents, to the streets of Inglewood, to the halls of the Los Angeles Recording School, to the debut of his new album, "Inglewood," the young rapper, Skeme, has a lot to look forward to in his burgeoning career as a hip-hop artist. For example, he has had the chance to work and perform with Wale, Iggy Azalea, Dom Kennedy, Nipsey Hustle, and Problem at the ripe age of twenty-one. He has released several mixes, "Skeme of Things," "Skeme of Things 2," "All-Rapped Up," and his latest, "Pistols and Palm Trees." With an intense, fast-paced delivery and style, 2013 saw the release the album, "Inglewood," on the indie label, "MADE Headlines," of which he is one of the only two artists represented.

Facts Only

  • Skeme is from a musical family, being influenced to R&B from his grandparents.
  • With his parents absent from his life, Skeme learned street life as an adolescent.
  • He has collaborated with Wale and Dom Kennedy.
  • He attended four months of the nine month program at the LA Recording School. He was studying engineering
  • His Grandfather challenged him to rhyme at the age of 17


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