Raekwon Songs

  • Cover of Raekwon - Wall To Wall  Feat. French Montana & Busta Rhymes
    Raekwon has managed to age gracefully throughout his career, delivering one of the few late career album sequels that actually lived up to it's name (Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II).
  • Cover of Raekwon - Try Me (Freestyle)
    Raekwon has been turning plenty of freestyles over the last few months, but unlike his peers, he's stayed far away from the 'hot' instrumentals being passed around, opting instead for soul and disco songs.
  • Cover of Raekwon - All About The Money (Remix)  Feat. Ghostface Killah
    Shortly after getting a new Ghostface Killah single, "Love Don't Live Here No More," a cut off his newly-announced 36 Seasons album, the rapper returns alongside Raekwon for a remix of "All About The Money." Rae recently capped off his TBT series with his We Wanna Thank You mixtape you can grab here.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Zoom/Free
    Rae decides to give fans a two-in-one special this week for his on-going TBT series. It looks like the series will finally come to an end and cumulate into a mixtape this Friday, containing all past TBT cuts plus four new tracks. The Chef recently delayed his F.I.L.A. album, so these work to hold fans over.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Can't Believe
    It's hard to believe that this is the 19th #tbt track that Raekwon's released in what began as a summer series. "Can't Believe" follows 18 weeks of Rae going in over classic-flavored instrumentals, all reworkings of R&B/Soul tracks that are over a decade old.
  • Cover of Raekwon - All Night Long
    Raekwon has been 18 weeks strong with his weekly throwback records. The rapper took us back to the '70s last week with his "Back Stabbers" throwback, and this week we advance about twenty years to Mary J. Blige's 1995 single "All Night Long," from her album My Life.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Back Stabbers (Freestyle)
    Raekwon has been reaching back a little further than most for throwback Thrusday. The rapper has been consistently dropping a weekly freestyle, often sampling soul and disco, rather than you know, like "No Flex Zone" or something.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Why Don't We Fall In Love
    Yesterday Wu-Tang Clan announced some big news for fans of the veteran crew, revealing that new music would be available on a portable speaker the NYC collective is launching. Wu-Tang is once again opting to go a unique route (as they are doing with their one-copy-only LP Once Upon A Time In Shaolin).
  • Cover of Raekwon - Heard It All Before (Remix)
    It's Thursday, so you know what that means. The Chef cooks up one of his weekly throwback tracks, with this week's being Sunshine Anderson's "Heard It All Before" from the year 2001. That's not quite as far back as Rae has been going lately, but it's still more than ten years old.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Hey Love
    Raekwon shows no signs of stopping his weekly Throwback Thursday song series, which has been going for fourteen weeks strong now. In the process he's familiarizing us all with some vintage gems.
  • Cover of Raekwon - You Used To Love Me
    For the past thirteen weeks, Raekwon has been putting his spin on classic tracks (mostly in the R&B/Soul realm) every Thursday in his #tbt series.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Close To You
    You can count on a weekly release from The Chef thanks to his recurring Throwback Thursday music series. This week he does not miss a step, starting off the day with the 12th instalment in his #TBT series. For this week's record we get a remix of "Close To You", a 1986 cover from Gwen Guthrie.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Got To Be There / The Girl Is Mine
    Plenty of rappers celebrate Throwback Thursday in some way or another, but few of them take it as far back as Raekwon. Every Thursday leading up to the release of his forthcoming studio album, Rae has been putting out freestyles.
  • Cover of Raekwon - I’ll Be Good
    It's that time of the week again. When everybody is up on Instagram and Twitter throwing out their #TBT hashtags left and right. Raekwon is capitalizing on the trend with his Throwback Thursday music series, where he remixes an old school record weekly. 
  • Cover of Raekwon - Yearning For Your Love
    Raekwon doesn't miss a step this week with the release of his Throwback Thursday record. The Wu-Tang Clan rapper has kept the #TBT-themed leaks coming week after week, we're on the ninth week at this point.
  • Cover of Raekwon - When I See You
    Raekwon's been schooling us all on what exactly qualifies as a "throwback", taking things wayyy back for his ongoing Throwback Thursday freestyle series.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Flawless
    For the past seven weeks, Raekwon has been doing a "TBT" series that involves him freestyling over old school R&B jams.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Give Me Your Love
    Raekwon's been on point with his throwback freestyle series, where he takes true throwbacks and adds a new verse. We say 'true' throwbacks 'cause most of the records he's choosing are from the '70s or '80s.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Could It Be I'm Falling In Love (Freestyle)
    It's Thursday, so that means Raekwon is back with another Throwback record paying homage to true oldies with different freestyles. This serves as the fifth instalment in his ongoing series, following up last week's flip of Teena Marie's "Ooh La La La."
  • Cover of Raekwon - Ooh La La La
    The Chef is keeping up with the times by dropping off throwback records each Thursday, and today we've received the fourth instalment in the series. Last week Rae took on the Isley Brother's "Footsteps In The Dark," and today's record pays homage to r'n'b singer Teena Marie's 1988 cut "Ooh La La La."
  • Cover of Raekwon - Footsteps In The Dark
    Raekwon is taking throwback Thursday a little further back than most. Each week, he raps over a different classic instrumental, but so far he's been going back to a time before hip hop, today, taking on The Isley Brothers' "Footsteps In The Dark".
  • Cover of Raekwon - Stop Tripping
    Raekwon is dropping a throwback track every week, last week taking on Rose Royce's "Wishing On A Star", rapping over the song on the first half before letting the sample ride out.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Wishing On A Star
    Raekwon decided to reach way back on his most recent freestyle. While the trendy remix record right now is easily Drake's "0 To 100" (which picked up right where "Chiraq" and "The Worst" left off), Rae has revived the 70's soul/disco classic "Wishing On A Star" by Rose Royce.
  • Cover of Raekwon - Call Of Duty  Feat. Akon
    Over the weekend, Rae released a quick preview of this single "Call Of Duty" featuring Akon on the hook. Now the full single has been released, and it definitely has a radio-friendly potential (with Akon on the hook, how could it not?) while the Chef keeps the grimy rhymes he's known for. 
  • Cover of Raekwon - Call Of Duty (Preview)  Feat. Akon
    Raekwon is not one to compromise his distinct style, and his new single does a good job of preserving his hard-edged street lyricismm while adding a dose of catchiness to the mix. Akon provides the hook here, taking on the propulsive instrumental with an intensity that plays off of Rae's dealer wordplay quite well.
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