When they're not getting in the studio making bangers and getting buckwild on stage, Killer Mike & El-P can often be found posing for photos with celebrities -- rappers, actors, talk show hosts, politicians, athletes -- with one hand extended in the shape of a gun, the other balled in a fist holding up an invisible chain.

Indeed, The Run the Jewels logo, designed by Nick Gazin, is a vital part of the RTJ mythos. Gazin has described the logo as “something based on a Double Dragon ‘80s action film thing of [El-P] and Mike together in a fighting stance." 

For Mike & El-P, inviting celebs to throw up the pistol and chain serves in a way to initiate them into the RTJ fellowship/movement. They've done it with just about everybody, from 2 Chainz to Tony Hawk, from Flavor Flav to legendary guitarist Jimmy Page.

Check out the pictures in the gallery above. All images via the Instagram accounts of Killer MikeEl-P, & Travis Barker.