Today, Forbes Magazine released their annual list of the 100 "World's Most Powerful Celebrities," and eleven stars in the Hip-Hop/R&B worlds were included. Four made the top ten, and the other seven were also all in the top 50.

For starters, Beyoncé was, unsurprisingly, number one, followed by Dr. Dre at three, Jay Z at six and Rihanna at eight. The other seven were Bruno Mars (13), Kanye West (20), Justin Timberlake (26), Sean "Puff Daddy" Combs (31), Justin Bieber (33), Jennifer Lopez (33, tie) and Pharrell Williams (38). 

Though this is a less tangible ranking system than Forbes' wealthiest celebrities lists, the magazine does have a pretty specific method for determining the list. Beginning with earnings, the study also factors in the number of times celebrities were mentioned in print, TV and radio, as well as celebrities' social media reach and something called an "impact score" that's more subjective.

View the full list here, and let us know who you think was unfairly left off.