Raury has had a huge 2014. In addition to turning the ripe age of 18, the artist garnered the attention of Andre 3000 and found a place on beat-maker SBTRKT's sophomore album.

He did this, of course, by having a unique style that is purely his own. Like the Kid Cudi's and Weeknd's before him, Raury's music isn't really like anything that precedes it. A rich medley of folky and hip-hop makes for a breathe of fresh air in a time of saturated trap beats and choppy flows.

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, Raury released his debut album (mixtape? album? what's the difference?) Indigo Child Project earlier this year to pretty solid reviews. Everyone has their eyes on this kid to make big moves in 2015, so we're giving you his essential cuts as a starting point.