It's assumed that most of the time, rapper Bandhunta Izzy and his pregnant girlfriend Zonnique Pullins are happily in love. However, it looked as if she was a tad bit irked judging by the videos he recently shared to his Instagram Story. After being together for two years, it's safe to say that Bandhunta knows how to get under Zonnique's skin. The soon-to-be mother, who's expected to deliver her firstborn in October, looked as if she wasn't in the mood for his jokes.

In one clip, Bandhunta Izzy films Zonnique as she drives them to dinner. The pair are listening to NoCap's "Instagram Models" as Zonnqiue has her eyes glued to the road. Over the video, Bandhunta wrote, "Hope my child dont get dat big ass head, imma still love her doe." He ended his brief note with a crying emoji. 

In another Story, the rapper records Zonnique as she sits across from him in a restaurant. She pulls out a few dollars to tip their server and he teases her about it. "You embarrassed by me?" Bandhunta asked Zonnique in the video. She doesn't respond, but he goes on to say, "Why? 'Cause I got Tourettes?" Then he went on to spew a stream of curse words while laughing but it still didn't evoke a response. Check out the couple below.