Over the last couple of years, there have been various questions surrounding Zion Williamson and his conditioning. The former first overall pick is quite injury-prone at this point, and whenever he returns from an injury, it looks as though he has packed on the pounds. As of right now, Williamson is coming back from foot surgery, and there have been various rumblings that he won't be able to come back in the immediate future as he looks to get back in shape.

Now, however, fans are doubly concerned after a video of the star player running sprints surfaced on Twitter. In the clip, Zion appears to be much larger than his usual self, and he's even out of breathe after just a little bit of physical activity.

Zion Williamson

Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images

The video clip below demonstrates Williamson's struggles perfectly, and if you are a fan of the Pelicans, you can't help but be concerned by all of this. Williamson does not appear to be closer to coming back, and he will probably need to drop 20-30 pounds if he wants to be in game shape.


As you can imagine, the Twitter reactions to the clip were quite humorous as many made observations about what the Pelicans star looks like. Many claimed that he should just become a defensive end in the NFL, while others noted that his weight has gotten out of hand.

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