Zion Williamson only got to play nine minutes of Summer League action before going down with a knee injury. In those nine minutes, he made some pretty spectacular dunks, although there were times when he was seriously lacking on the defensive side of the ball. The next time we will see him on the court is in October for the preseason and fans are already excited for it. In the meantime though, Zion has been enjoying New Orleans and everything that comes with such a beautiful city. Of course, one of the biggest draws of the entire city is the New Orleans Saints, who are amongst the NFL's best teams.

The Saints have already embraced Williamson and today, they had him out for training camp. Williamson could be seen passing the ball back and forth with quarterback Drew Brees and based on the video below, Zion actually has quite an arm on him.


Williamson will probably want to focus on his basketball career for now though considering there are so many expectations for him heading into the season. The Duke Blue Devils star has a lot of potential to be a star but with so many expectations on him, he also has just as much potential to be a bust.

Perhaps Brees can also teach him how to be a star and not just an accurate quarterback.