Back in May, it was revealed at the NBA Draft lottery that the New Orleans Pelicans would be getting the first overall pick in the draft. Zion Williamson of the Duke Blue Devils is expected to be drafted first overall by the team and some believe he is setting himself up for an incredibly successful NBA career. NBA commissioner Adam Silver recently appeared on the Associated Press' Sports Now podcast and divulged on some of the advice he gave the young star.

"My counsel was, focus on your game first and foremost. The other stuff will come after it," Silver said, via "'But, this is a special moment in your the extent you can remain in the moment.... There's so much attention focused on you and at the end of the day this is a game and you now have the opportunity to play it at the highest level. There's tremendous resources available to you no matter what team drafts you.'"

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images

Silver also spoke about the Pelicans and whether or not the team is equipped to hand a star as big as Zion, especially with all of the Anthony Davis drama happening

"I'm very confident in the management and the ownership of Gayle Benson," Silver explained. "Obviously hiring David Griffin is a real important move for that franchise, and my sense is Griff is the right guy at the right time to right the ship."

The NBA Draft will go down on June 20th in Chicago.