Zion Williamson is already the odds on favorite to be the number one overall pick in the 2019 NBA Entry Draft. As a player for the Duke Blue Devils, he has been absolutely phenomenal and has helped the team become the number one ranked team in the country. Duke is taking on their rivals, the North Carolina Tar Heels, tonight and it should be a fantastic match up. Zion is expected to have a huge impact on the game with his 6'7", 292-pound frame. 

In a new interview with GQ, Zion was asked about his size, where he explained how he wasn't always a freak of nature, even compared to his teammates in high school.

Per GQ:

"I didn’t pick up all this weight until junior year [of high school]. Freshman year, I was small. I was 6-3, 175—like, I was small. And over the course of about two years I picked up a hundred pounds. I mean, I wouldn’t look at myself and go, Wow, I’m 250! I wouldn’t know I was 250 until I stepped on the scale, and then I’m like, Oh. I’m 250? I don’t feel 250. I don’t feel slow. Like, with all that weight just came more athleticism and finding myself able to do new things. People always say you have to grow into your body, but for me, it wasn’t even growing into my body—the more weight came, it didn’t phase me. It made me faster, stronger. It helped me become a more versatile player."

Zion also explained how he doesn't simply want to be known for his dunks and how he has adjusted to playing for a team like Duke.