Parents approaching celebrities on behalf of their children always results in some hilarious and embarrassing scenarios. A video circulating of an encounter between a mother and Zendaya proves this. 

An excited mom recognized Zendaya in a restaurant in Oakland, CA and asked to record a video for her son, who is supposedly a big Zendaya fan. "Hi Jordan! Guess who it is?!" exclaimed the mom, as her and Zendaya's faces filmed the frame of the front camera. Turns out it was the mom who ended up guessing who it was, but guessed wrongly. "Your girl from the show, 13 Reasons!" the mom conjectured, referring to Netflix's 13 Reasons Why. Zendaya quickly pointed out that she's from another teen drama TV series. "Oh, I'm not on that show... I'm on Euphoria, darling," she graciously explained to the older woman. Zendaya gets a good laugh out of the mix-up, while the mistaken mama turns the camera and says, "I'm sorry, I said the wrong show!" It's hard to believe someone could not know who Zendaya is in 2019 when she's one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, but we all make mistakes. The son shared the video that him "weak" on Twitter and it has since gone viral.

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