Zazie Beetz is the beautiful actress who stars alongside Donald Glover in Atlanta and the talented star from Deadpool and Joker among many other box office hits. The 28-year-old recently chatted with Into The Gloss about her beauty, makeup and lifestyle routines and revealed that she doesn't shower too much. 

"I actually think Americans shower too much. I like a cat wash—I do my face, my armpits, and my… intimates," she explained, detailing her body wash of choice when she cleans her parts and how it's usually a homemade mix. "I’ll use cocoa butter to moisturize. Nostalgic and functional—and it smells wonderful."

Tristan Fewings/Getty Images

Zazie's comments on her cat shower routine has sparked some reactions on Twitter with one user writing, "Zazie Beetz didn't have to tell us that she doesn't shower often but here we are." Another user wrote, "Everyone saying Zazie Beetz doesn't shower... she said she doesn't shower as often as most people and she lit rally listed off her skincare routine she keeps herself clean lmao besides.... baths exist."

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