Zaytoven says that he has not paid attention to R. Kelly's ongoing sexual assault allegations. The Atlanta producer was asked about R. Kelly and his troubling history of accusations from various women when he appeared on Open Late with Peter Rosenberg. According to Zaytoven, the singer's musical accomplishments are one of the reasons he has not given serious thought to Kelly's alleged crimes.

"R. Kelly to me, is of my time, he's almost like the Michael Jackson of music," he said. "I haven't really paid the stories that much attention. It could be due to the fact that I think he's so great of a musician that I don't even care about or wanna hear the stories that's going on."

When Rosenberg brought up the allegations of Kelly holding women in his house against their will, Zaytoven seemed hesitant to believe the women. "Kidnapping? Nah... I think any woman that's going with R. Kelly, whatever, that's the choice that they chose to do," he said.

Kelly's music was recently removed from Spotify's official playlists as part of their Anti-Hate policy. In May, Kelly was accused of sexual abuse by two more women. A Lifetime documentary series will reportedly investigate Kelly's alleged sex cult, and will feature involvement from Tim Savage, father of Jocelyn Savage, who he claimed was being held captive by the singer last year.