Zayn Malik has been releasing new music lately as he rolls out his next project. His most recent drop was a funk-laced track called "Sour Diesel." The song leaned more into the rock side of the genre, but it seems like the artist is teetering back into RnB territory with his upcoming single, "Too Much." According to the Zayn's Instagram post caption, the song will be available to fans as of August 2.

The former One Direction bandmate teased a snippet of his collaboration with Timbaland. The iconic producer laid down some of his signature vibes for Malik, including his own digitally-modified vocals that croon about being addicted to a lover. The soundtrack supports an animation that illustrates both Zayn and Timbaland. The singer spins around and serves some Michael Jackson-inspired dance moves while the producer bumps in a whip powered by intense hydraulic action.

This song will serve as a follow-up to his last single entitled "Sour Diesel." These tracks lead up to the release of his sophomore album. Zayn Malik insists he will offer his fans a tour this time around. His debut album, Mind of Mine, was not supported by that kind of string of live concerts. The album was released in March of 2016.