The Adidas NMD is arguably the most popular sneaker on the market right now and with that prestigious title comes the "flattering" imitations from brands like Zara, who have also created Yeezy knock-offs in the past.

This time around, Zara is trying to take advantage of the "OG" Adidas NMD as well as the Adidas x White Mountaineering NMD City Sock which they have not so cleverly renamed the “Black Geometric High-Top Sneaker."

What's more, Zara is offering these blatant ripoff sneakers, which are readily available, for a fraction of the price at $59.90. Aesthetically, the similarities between the sneakers are undeniable but I can't speak for the lack of comfort in a $60 Zara knock-off when compared to the cloud-like Boost midsole of the authentic Adidas NMD.

Take a look at some side-by-side images of the Zara knock-offs vs. the Adidas NMDs in the gallery above.