Zach LaVine has consistently been one of the best dunkers in the entire NBA. This was discovered during the 2016 NBA All-Star Dunk Contest when LaVine went toe-to-toe with Aaron Gordon of the Orlando Magic. Many felt as though Gordon was robbed of a win although LaVine was simply magical as he came through with some incredibly heroic moves. While he isn't participating in the competition this year, it hasn't stopped him from trying out some incredible dunks in practice.

In the clip below, LaVine attempts to pull off a 360 dunk all while jumping from the free-throw line. Of course, Michael Jordan infamously dunked from the free-throw line except the major difference is that Jordan went straight to the hoop as opposed to LaVine who tried to spin all the way around.

Unfortunately, LaVine wasn't able to make the dunk although he came dangerously close. Given some extra practice, we're sure he'd be able to nail it no problem. With this clip in mind, it kind of makes us wish that he would participate in this year's contest. It would certainly create some interesting content for the league, particularly in relation to the renewed rivalry between LaVine and Gordon.

Perhaps LaVine will even make a surprise appearance although, at this point, we doubt it.